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Are you thinking of publishing a manuscript that you have tirelessly written for a long time? Are you ready to share it with the world? Our team will assist you with the entire book publication process looking into every possible means to come up with the best quality book. At the same time, your book will be promoted to potential audiences targeting key decision makers in the literary industry through employment of varied marketing strategies.


Publishing Packages

Achieve your dream of becoming a published author though Authors Press’ publishing packages.

Editorial & Add Ons

Customization and Ideas are the main factors that supply to the credibility of the total appearance of your book.

Marketing Services

We can give you further information and details on our services if you request so. To talk to us, please use our contact details.


We assist first-time authors as well as experienced authors to market their newest literary works to the world.


The most important thing in your Publishing Journey is – Quality Advice, and we’re giving that for free. If you don’t know ‘what’ to do, or don’t know ‘how’ to do things. You can speak to our Consultants and Author Advisers for complimentary assistance and help.


Free Registration. Get your Free Book Exhibit and Free Book Signing with upcoming International Events. This is open to the First 10 Authors.


“The Interview was PHENOMENAL and went extremely well. Bishop Pringle who conducted the interview was highly impressed with Dr. Scott, stating “Man! This is quickest 15 minutes I’ve ever done!” He clearly expressed that he wished he’d had more time with Dr. Scott, and spoke highly of his book.

Dr. Scott also wanted me to thank you personally for the generous, professional, sincere and awesome service you are providing for him, as well as the wonderful job you are doing in this book project.”

Sister Veronica

“Just want to say, that, we love you and bless you – have a blessed life – with much prayer 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. We are so pleased at the progress as well as the upcoming events that are looking very very good and promising!!! Congratulations!😊👍🏾”


“I am so glad to have found this excellent Publishing Company. Starting from the CEO to all employees, they are a unique asset to a writer, because they are focused on propagating my ideas to all people. They are like a bugle…. I can’t speak from far away, but my voices reaches all mankind. Thank you Authors Press. You deserve all the blessings coming down to you.”


“The Authors Press people were all very nice and quick to answer any questions and did a great job going around and advertising my book. The interview was conducted in a very professional manner and was a fun experience. They constantly worked to insure that all of the authors had everything they need and worked hard to answer any questions we had. I had a wonderful time and met a lot of really great people. Over all it was a great experience.”