There are a lot of writers who write the content of their books without really thinking too much about the genre. They just write down what stories they want to tell and often make a decision after the books are completed.
Why Deciding on a Genre is Necessary

This situation may work out with those whose stories can be clearly categorized into a specific genre. It may clearly belong to a horror genre. It can be a romance or a thriller. But, this is not always the case. You can have a story that is a mix of romance and comedy. A story can have a bit of action, drama, and everything else.
How will you, then, identify your book’s genre? In which section of the bookstore will the book be displayed? How will your readers feel about it? You have to understand that some avid readers of a certain genre may feel cheated when you categorize your book as such yet it feels different to them. This can lead to a negative review or lesser sales.

3 Tips for Choosing a Book Genre
As much as possible, the genre of the manuscript you are about to write should be decided early on. If you have troubles doing so, you might want to follow these tips:

1 – Always have an audience in mind.

Think about the individuals you want to reach out to. Consider the age group. Does your target audience comprise of teenagers? How about young adults?

Having a target audience in mind will help you know which genre you want to align with. Doing so will enable you to know which genres are prominently liked by the readers in that age group. You can then write a story that follows the path towards creating a book of a specific genre.

2 – Visit your local bookstore to get inspiration.

If you already have a story in mind, you might want to clarify which genre it will most likely belong to. The bookstore is the place to go. You can find various genres of books. Read a couple of books around to get an idea on where your own book may be put up along with.

3 – Write in a genre you are comfortable with.

Are you comfortable writing a horror story? Are you most inclined to write about a romance novel? Do it! Choose a genre you love to write about and read. Do not try to force yourself into writing a thriller novel if you are not an avid reader of such genre. Not only will writing be hard, it might also come up short of your expectations.

Whatever genre you wish to write about, Authors Press will help you market your manuscript. Call us today to get started!

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