Brim’s Justice – E.J. Davies




Tom Brim, decorated Marine and Korean War veteran, faces his biggest challenge as a Miami-Dade police sergeant. A sword and hatchet carrying maniac has killed his partner and threatens to kill Brim and his family.

The chief of police places security patrols at the homes of Brim’s parents and fiance’, while Brim patrols Miami neighborhoods looking for the killer.

A team from the police department is assigned to work with Brim to implement a sting operation that puts Brim face to face with the supposed killer. It culminates in a shootout that the police department has not seen on Miami streets since Prohibition.

Federal investigators learn that the hatchet man is the leader of an international drug cartel known as T95Y, a gang that stretches from South America to Mexico, Cuba, and the United States.

An international investigative team uncovers a plot that the intent of the gang is to deliver hundreds of tons of drugs to drop off points along both US coasts. A drug bust plan by the FBI and military is prepared to stop the delivery of the drugs.

Hatchet Man and his gang are represented by a famous Miami defense lawyer Sam Brighton. Brim watches Brighton closely, completes his college degree in Miami, and enters law school, pursuing a second career as a prosecuting attorney.

Events collide leading to an action-packed conclusion.


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