Resistance: The Revelations (Book 1) – Kim Bishop


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On Earth, the balance between good and evil is about to be shifted toward darkness as spiritual warfare blazed in the heavens!

This is the heroic journey of a small community church led by Pastor Andrew Stone entangled with a band of freedom fighters as they struggle to subvert a global conspiracy to enslave the world.

Archaeologist Jason Fox unknowingly unleashes a demonic horde set to possess mankind under the auspices of the United Global States of the Earth (UGSE), a new global government intent on implementing its version of the United Nations’ Agenda 21.

At the New Life Foundation, a place of peace and solitude, Isabelle Zenn inspires and instructs young, open-minded people into positions of honor and power, under the direction of Michael Damiou; however, it is also a place where darkness begins and evil thrives.

Who will win the battle for mankind’s soul?

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