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The Advanced service includes:
The Advanced Service Package breaks through the limits of the Basic and Plus services to offer an excellent package for the author who has a fair creative vision of the way his or her book should be delivered. This package comes with 12 Months BRP.


Design and image features:

  • Advance and Customization of Cover Design
  • Advance and Customization of Design
  • Allotment of Author-Supplied Cover Images and Author Photo
  • Ability to control design of book interior and cover layout.

Production features:

  • Availability of Your Book in Paperback Format
  • Availability of Your Book in Hardback Format
  • Availability of Your Book in Ebook
  • Ability to Track Book Production through Our Website
  • Electronic Galley
  • One round of Alterations and Corrections. ( up to 50 corrections only)

Post-publication features:

  • One (1) Paperback Author Copy
  • One (1) Hardback Author Copy
  • Ten (10) Paperback Copies*
  • Three (3) Hardback Copy
  • Registration with Books In Print® database
  • Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • One (1) Book Exhibit only ( Author’s Choice)

Worldwide Distribution

  • Book and Author Webpages in the Authors Press Online Bookstore
  • Nine (9) months Physical Bookstore Display (Creative Books Cafe)
  • Nine (9) months Online Bookstore Display (Creative Bookstore Cafe)
  • Online Book Sales and Royalty Accounting
  • Quarterly Royalty Payments
  • U.S Copyright Registration
  • Library of Congress Registration

Marketing Features:

  • 30 Business Cards
  • 30 Postcards
  • 5 Laminated Posters
  • Twelve (12) months Bookstore Returnability Program

*Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the book copies, but you’re responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.