Hermes (Basic)

Hermes (Basic)

$699 This cost-effective package provides multiple options and includes all the factors required to turn your manuscript into a published book. Your book will be listed on the leading online book distribution network and will be available for order on our network of online retail outlets worldwide including and

Service Inclusions

Design and image features:

  • Basic Cover Design
  • Basic Interior Design
  • Allotment of Author-Supplied Cover Images and Author Photo
  • Ability to control design of book interior and cover layout.

Production features:

  • Electronic Galley
  • One round of Alterations and Corrections. ( up to 25 corrections only)

Post-publication features:

  • 1 Paperback Author Copy
  • Registration with Books In Print® database
  • Assignment of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • Book and Author Webpages in the Authors Press Online Bookstore
  • Quarterly Royalty Payments

Marketing Features:

  • Online Bookstore Display (Creative Books)

Book Format Availability

  • Paperback

Complimentary Copies

  • 1 Paperback Copy