Audiobook Professional


These days, they prefer books in a format that will easily fit their busy lifestyle. This is why Authors Press offers you a solution that allows you to tap into your readers’ multitasking ways: audiobooks. Now they can “read” your book while they commute, work out, or even as they do their chores.

Readers have spoken—and we have listened.

Being productive means being able to multitask, it is now the trend in this new fast-paced world, . Traffic, Gym, Travel. We are always on the go and curling up in a corner to read is not a luxury we all have. This has led to making the global audiobook industry currently worth over three billion dollars and is considered to be the fastest growing segment in publishing, studies show. Let a professional voice-over actor prepare your book for you for a more personal touch in the studio.

But exactly how popular are audiobooks among readers? In 2015 alone, there were a total of 3.88 million audiobook downloads. That means there are a significant number of readers out there who like listening to stories. Tap into that market by having your book available in audio format with our help.

The Professional Audiobook package includes:

  • Audiobook conversion of up to 10,000 words
  • Narration by a professional voice-over actor
  • Your own digital copy of the audiobook
  • Intro, beginning, and end background music for your audiobook
  • Availability of your audiobook through Overdrive,,, and iTunes
  • ISBN Registration

Want more vibe for your audible creation? We also offer this additional service:

  • Audiobook Conversion (additional words): $0.150 per word

Timeline: 8-12 weeks

This service can be generally completed with the given timeline, depending on our work queue and the complexity of your work. Call (213)-234-7590 for more information or to sign up and we’ll guide you through the process.