Premier Book Review

The Influence of an accurate endorsement cannot be underrated. What you have to do is to watch your book sales shoot up when acclaimed stars guarantee for a book. In the publishing Industry, honest recommendations are hard to get. But that was before, what was once only accessible to Authors under traditional publishing company is now available in Authors Press. An endorsement from any of these endorsers can create a buzz about your Book.

Blueink Review

BlueInk reviews are honest appraisals, written by professionals drawn largely from mainstream media outlets or editors who have worked at well-respected publishing houses. Featuring worthy books in high profile positions on our web page and vigorously promoting them to librarians, literary agents, and editors.
This book review will get between 250-300 words in length with an honest and objective review.

Clarion Review

Clarion fields a team of more than 100 qualified reviewers to critique all aspects of your book. This paid review will be posted in Foreword Reviews and is licensed to our partner book wholesalers (used by librarians and booksellers) including Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Cengage, Bowker, and EBSCO, and promoted via social media links to help spread the word about your review to tens of thousands of librarians, booksellers, and readers. Clarion review is between 400 and 500 words long.

Kirkus Indie Book Review

Kirkus reviews include summary to give readers context, along with a concise, unbiased opinion that can be positive, negative, or, most likely, mixed. Each Kirkus review gives both a general sense of a book’s worth and specific information about its strengths and weaknesses.
You’ll be getting approximately 250-350 word review include summary to give our readers context, along with a concise, unbiased opinion.

Premier Review TAT:

  • Blueink Review ( 8-9 weeks TAT)
  • Clarion Book Review (9-10 weeks TAT)
  • Kirkus Indie Book Review (10-11 weeks TAT)
We also do our best to evaluate the marketing efforts implemented and follow up on the results.
If you have questions regarding how we can help promote your book, please email us at or call us at (213)-493-6388 for a free consultation.