Writer's Block? 5 Tricks You Can Use to Beat It!

If you are trying to finish a book, writer’s block is surely an obstacle you might have to overcome. When your deadline is fast approaching, you can’t afford to have writer’s block. But, every writer experiences it. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t write anything. It seems like there is nothing in your brain at all.


When writer’s block strikes, here are a couple of tricks you can do to get your creative writing juices flowing again:

1 – Get rid of distractions.

Distractions will only put your mind in a confused state. If there are distractions around, your focus won’t be on what you are writing. Instead, your focus will be on the current tv shows or what your friends are talking about. So, you might want to get rid of all the distractions while you are writing. You can try the following:

  • Turn off your phone if you are not expecting an important call or message.
  • If it will affect your work, such as researching certain info, do not connect the device you are writing on to the Internet.
  • Set a time frame or schedule as to when you will write and abide by it consistently. For instance, you can set two hours in the morning every day to write.

2 – Move.

Your body and mind are inter-connected. When the body is healthy, the mind also typically follows. Take time to move physically. Some of the things you can do are:

  • dancing
  • jogging
  • walking
  • doing yoga

When blood circulates properly within your body, your creative juices often flow freely, too. Once you get pumped up, go back to your desk and start writing.

3 – Do something else creative.

At times, nothing really comes up. In that case, you can do something else other than writing which can help fuel your creativity. A couple of activities you can do include:

  • drawing, coloring or painting pictures
  • designing dresses
  • working on a sculpture

You can basically do any creative project that you like. Doing so stimulates and exercises your brain’s creative side. As such, it can help you get back to writing.

4 – Write anything.

Free writing is an activity where you just write any topic, any style, and anything you want. You might be venting out, narrating how your day went, and just plain describing an item you see, write it down. Spending at least a few minutes writing whatever random topic pop ups to your head can inspire creativity. It ultimately gives you an idea you can use for your book.

5 – Relax.

Sometimes, all you need is to relax. Your brain might not be working because it is stressed out. Take time to breath, pause, and rest.

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